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<Any donation at or above $125 will automatically enroll you as a Social Member of Village Connections>
2019 Impact Report

A Letter from Member and our Vice President:

First off, a big thanks to all of you who have continued to support our wonderful organization, and welcome and thanks to those of you who generously contributed to it for the first time in 2019.

Last year, I was invited to share my Village Connections story with all of you, which I was happy to do. The story of my love affair with Village Connections has continued, and I’ve been asked to write an update. This year, I experienced firsthand the true value of membership in the organization. In spite of all the support I received from our volunteers, my bad knee was slowing me down. I made the decision to have it replaced, which meant a lot of staying home and no driving for more than a month.

What a big boost it was to have friendly visits from my Village Connections friends and volunteers, along with rides to physical therapy from our cadre of volunteer drivers. If I may brag a little, I was something of a star at Physical Therapy and got released early, but I really credit the positive spirit surrounding me and a lot of that comes from Village Connections.

Which reminds me, I should mention how much fun we all have at the monthly Village Connections social gatherings. It’s always a great opportunity to get out and about and catch up with each other. If you are not already a member, we urge you to consider a social membership at $125 per year. There is no age requirement for this level of involvement, and you are welcome to join us for these fun times.

Once again, we hope you will make Village Connections a top priority in your year-end giving plan. Your support has helped and will continue to help us all age with dignity.

Deep thanks for your support and friendship.

Warmest regards,

Betty Garrett
Betty Garrett
Village Connections Member

Click here to donate to our Annual Appeal » 
<Any donation at or above $125 will automatically enroll you as a Social Member of Village Connections>


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